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Author Topic:   can't get the motor to rev
posted August 18, 2002 07:27 PM
I had my first night out with a new motor last night and could'nt get it to turn over 4500rpm. There was no miss in the motor it just acted like I only had the gas half pressed. I checked the butterflys, revlimiter, and points. The track is a very fast 1/4 mile high banked. The motor is a 396 ford with a 500 holley two bbl on gas. It has 588 gears in the rear. It's a modified.

posted August 18, 2002 08:55 PM
If you are running an MSD, make sure you have the right rotor in it. I made the mistake once and the engine did just what you say yours is doing.

posted August 19, 2002 05:04 AM
I'm running a holley annilator. I think it may be the power valve.

posted August 26, 2002 04:42 AM
my carb hat popped of and came down crooked on the air horn. It slowed down the air flow into the carb. choking the motor.

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