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Author Topic:   Demon Carb-Stumble in corner
posted August 05, 2002 11:52 AM
You should keep you fuel level at near the middle of the sight glass and make sure you check it with the engine revved up a little at operating fuel pressure.

What is your fuel pressure?

Does it stumble when you try to get back on it then clean itself out and go? Like it is getting too much fuel?

Or does it hesitate like the accelerator pump isnt set right?

posted August 05, 2002 01:16 PM
Do you have the pump levers set to where there is no clearance between them and the pump diaphragm. They should be just touching and have no play between them potherwise it will delay the pumpo shot until that clearance is taken up.

What kind of fuel pressure do you have at speed or at least when you rev the motor up?

We run a Demon on our mod and have gotten along great with it. Sounds like you just need some fine tuning. I dont think you need to change anything with the idle plugs. We took ours out of the box and threw it on and didnt change anything and it runs great.

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