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Author Topic:   Poly Locks
posted June 28, 2002 02:23 AM
Got some polylocks today on the advice of a fellow racer to use polylocks on my rocker arms. Last year I just used the nut and the most it would loosen up in a week was a couple thousandths. This year with different heads I can't get them to stay tight. Now here's my dumb question. How do the polylocks go on there and whats the best way on adjusting and locking things down. Looks to me there are two ways it could work and I don't really know which is right. I really could use some help on this before Sat.
P.s its a solid cam if that matters any.

posted June 28, 2002 07:53 AM
i agree with rangerover on the poly locks thats how i do it also and as far as adjusting the valves i go bye my cams spec sheet some times the have same tolerances on intake and exhaust then some has dif from intake and exhaust all u have to have is spec sheet for the cam and a filler gauge thats how i set mine and never had any problems.hope this helps

posted June 28, 2002 09:34 PM
Something nobody has mentioned is that the cam could possibly be going flat or if you have stock press-in studs they could be pulling out. Just something to check !!

posted July 01, 2002 12:46 AM
Yeah Birdcage the first time I tried to do it with just the allen set s.c.rew , then I talked to a guy at the race shop and said pretty much what you said and it works now. Darn things should have instrucitons. Thanks

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