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Author Topic:   Carb jetting?
posted June 23, 2002 02:25 PM
I ran a very dry slick track last night and when I was going through the corner at about half throttle(only in primarys) the motor would sorta pop or blubber. I am wondering if I need to jet up or jet down to sure this. I am running a 383 in modified on alcohol. It has a 750 carb from Speedway. When at wide open throttle the pop or burble disappears. Runs around 190 degrees do I dont think I am too rich. I have 91 in the front and 92 in the back. The carb was done for Speedway by Hardcore Racing Ent. Ran fine on my 406 at the beginning of the year. Had to jet up for this motor though because of better heads.

Any help would be appreciated.


posted June 24, 2002 10:22 AM
Check float levels and fuel pressure settings.

With alky and i will assume a belt drive pump you only need about 7-8 psi max pressure.

posted June 25, 2002 11:42 AM
Your to rich. Back the jetting off. We changed the heads on our 406 this year. Went from 492's to DART Iron Eagles. Talk about better flow. Asked the guys from Hendrens if we needed to re jet the carb. The said nope once a carb is jetted for a particular engine that is where it should stay, within a size or so

Jim Cleaver
Cleaver Racing Inc

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