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Author Topic:   Pilot bushing/bearing???
posted June 07, 2002 03:37 PM
The bearing should have a little bit of grease on it, as with the trans shaft when you put it together, and just about never wear out. I'd think the front bearing in the trans is letting the shaft bounce around, causing your problem.

posted June 07, 2002 04:35 PM
If this is a Chevy there is a roller bearing available instead of the bushing. I beleive it was used in the 6.2 diesel but also fits the gas motor cranks. Ask your parts man or Chevy dealer and they can help you. If you have the black Chevrolet Power book this is a tip that was mentioned in it for heavy duty (racing) applications.

posted June 08, 2002 04:36 AM
I agree with Gene, check your pilot shaft bearing on the transmission. That pilot bushing should almost never wear out, even with what we put some of these cars through. But I'll also admit that I'd probably buy the roller bearing too.

posted June 08, 2002 07:53 AM
it sounds to me like you got a trans to bellhousing misalignment problem. the bearing will help a bit ,but i would think that is a crutch repair for the real problem? in other words.... something isn't centered right?

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