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Author Topic:   help!! starter problems
posted May 26, 2002 08:37 AM
sounds like the starter is getting hot..I had the same prob a few years back ( it was a rebuilt) then went to a anther rebuilt (cost a few dollors more) and I am still running that starter today..If it was in my budget I would get a mini sarter..

posted May 27, 2002 01:26 AM
i had the same problem get some heat wrap and wrap the strarter in it or the silinoid at least. another trick i just picked up here a while back that seams to work is turn it over with the ignition switch off and while it's turning flip it on worked good so far

posted May 27, 2002 11:20 AM
Try hooking the booster cables directly to the starter, if it starts fine you can rule out the starter. Might be bad cables. As the battery cables get warmer their resistance increases.

posted May 30, 2002 09:29 AM
Get a mini starter.i battled this for 2 years
tryed many differant starters..11:1 motor
would not start when warm..put mini starter on an its never failed not even at 220 deg..

posted June 02, 2002 01:20 PM
It might not be the starter at all. If your engine is running too hot during a race, your pistons could be expanding. So if you turn off your engine and try to start it again, that could be the problem. It's a good idea to keep the engine idleing rather than turning it off. Turning it off makes your engine even hotter. Keep the flow going bud.

posted June 02, 2002 10:42 PM
It sounds like it could be a few things. First the starter could be getting too hot and that's why it's not working properly. Second it could be the cables getting too hot and not carrying the juice to the starter that you need. The last and worst case scenario is that you either don't have enough piston to wall clearance (forged pistons expand quite a bit) and they are getting tight or perhaps not enough piston ring end gap and the rings may be binding and causing loss of necessary clearance after the engine is hot. Before I'd look into the last of the problems, see if anyone you know has a small hi-torque starter that you can borrow for one night of racing and see if it solves your problem. Hopefully that's it. Another thing I always do on high compression motors is use a toggle switch to the distributor. I'll start turning the motor over then hit the fire to it. Helps prevent the "kickback" when the engine starts. Good luck!!

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