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Author Topic:   distributor
posted May 06, 2002 09:33 PM
I have to disagree. For several years we ran locked dist. Its hard on batteries, starters and solinoids. Since going to mech. advance the starters sound much better and it starts so much easier. Never had a problem with the weights sticking.

posted May 07, 2002 12:51 AM
i will agree with redneck it's alot better to start with the weights

posted May 07, 2002 11:42 AM
We switched from mech to locked advance and I didn't notice a difference in starting the car.

Another thing about locked advance is there are fewer parts in the distributor to fall, break, come loose etc. We took the attitude of eliminating as many possible chances of failure as possible. We didn't want to miss a race because a weight or spring fell out of place and tore up the distributor. Remember this is racing and if something can go wrong chances are it will when you least expect it or want it to.

If you think it is that hard to start MSD makes a start retard switch that retards timing at startup then brings it back up. Or do like the previous post said and turn the motor over then flip on the ignition switch.

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posted May 08, 2002 01:16 AM
I agree with birdcage and dirt. We locked our msd dist. out and havent had ANY problems with starting the car running a 12.5 to 1 350 with 39* of timing, and the car will start with ease at almost any engine temp

redneck bubbas racing
posted May 10, 2002 11:52 PM
Ok Guys, I am glad that they work so well for ya'll. Do any of you run stock starters? I have to use stock due to $$$ but wish that I could run an aftermarket. They springs do work better for me, if the locked would have worked as good for me as it does for ya'll then I probably would have stayed that way. However all of mine will have spring kits, it just works better for me.

posted May 11, 2002 12:04 AM
Yes we do run a stock starter off of about a '96 or so chevy 350 truck. We get them free due to the fact that our driver runs a slavage yard here in Oklahoma. So if we ever need a starter...go pull one from a wrecked truck. We have been running the same starter for 3 seasons now, and not a lick of problems.

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