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Author Topic:   Water Problem
posted April 02, 2002 12:55 AM
OK, heres the deal. We run a Mod. with a 355 SBC. we are losing water out of the overflow tube, it has done this on two different motors, and two different radiators, have changed numerous caps, and the one on the car now is a Stant 22-24# racing cap. still the same problem, the motor dosent get hot (200* at the end of the feature). I put a new lower hose on, hoping that may solve it, but it didnt. is it possible that maybe the upper hose is collapsing at high rpm (rev limiter is 7600 and we are all over it). Steve...someone...please help me!

posted April 02, 2002 03:16 AM
I tried that, I was going to let it blow as much water out that it could, hoping that it would stop, but I looked in the radaitor last nite, and it is just half full. cant figure it out

posted April 02, 2002 09:01 AM
Have you tried putting an over flow tank on it?

I had a similar problem in a street stock at much lower rpm (5500) so I put an overflow tank in the trunk (ran hoses all the way back there) and it stopped blowin steam.

posted April 02, 2002 12:57 PM
Are you sure your gauge is right at 200degrees it shouldn't build enough to push out unless like slam shifter says your rad is lower do you use any restrictors anywhere24# is a lot of cap pressure and also if the car is loosing that much fluid your temp sensor may not be getting a true read

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