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Author Topic:   installing cam
posted March 03, 2002 09:01 AM
Bryan, I personally would buy a cam package from a dealer.......with the cost of new springs and lifters.......if you bought a COMPLETE CAM PACKAGE the cam it's self would only cost you $20-$40 dollars.......

Then you get the correct springs for the cam with the information for the correct installed spring height, and seat pressure.

Plus you get a cam card, that will tell you where to degree the cam in at.....

I just feel for a few dollars more you could have a new cam, with the information from the manufacturer to install it properly.

If you still decide to use the cam your friend gave you......yes, put in new lifters and springs........I used to only run a Z-28 spring 10 nights then replace then.....You will find broken dampers if you go 12 nights. You may want to look into a little more expensive spring......I forget what we used to run now.......but it's life span was twice as long and only 30% more money.....

I'm sure someone here can tell you more about a better srping for the money than a Z-28 spring....

The package deal will be cheaper in the long run.....more up-front cost though.


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posted March 03, 2002 07:51 PM
its always good to have your cam match the rest of your motor, it might have worked ok in your friends motor but might not in yours unless you have the same heads, intake ect. You would be better of buying a package deal suited for your particular aplication, you'll be money ahead that way

posted March 04, 2002 05:30 PM
Bryan, that's why I tried to give you as much information that I could so you could make a informed decision on what is RIGHT for you.........If you planned to try this cam, the Z-28 springs would be fine.

If you planned to run this cam all year, the cheapest way is good the LONG run it's cheaper.

Cheaper is only good if you stick to the plan.....if you plan on changing springs after 10 nights the z-28 are cheaper. but if you run them 15 nights and drop a valve from a broken spring NOW what is cheaper??

Only you know the right answer for your budget and racing program. All any of us can do is give information.

good luck, Jeff

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posted March 05, 2002 08:00 PM
thanks again jeff.

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