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Author Topic:   rebuilding motor
posted December 18, 2001 01:43 PM
Well, I don't see a problem with pulling the caps to take a peek.. I'm not sure I know what your dad means by crush?? As long as the bolts are tightened back to spec..

posted December 18, 2001 05:35 PM
You will be just fine pulling your caps off and checking your bearings ! While you have them off , you might want to take them and have them magnifluxed as well . It's a good idea to have them magged about every 10-15 races if using stock caps . Preventative maintenance is cheap !

Hendren Racing Engines
Rutherfordton , NC

posted December 19, 2001 10:30 AM
I thank you guys,and I think I will check the caps they are two bolts.

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