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Author Topic:   Strange combination..
Pit Bull
posted December 14, 2001 11:18 AM
Stock 400 piston is going to be to tall, its going to stick out of the top of the block about .180" thats almost 3/16" of an inch.
ROSS makes a piston for this stroke and rod combo, #95261 in a .030" only.

posted December 14, 2001 06:07 PM
It will be a 358 A 307 has the same stroke as a 327 but with a smaller bore. A 327 has a 4" bore and I believe the 307 has 3.85 don't quote that bore size. but it's a general ballpark

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posted December 14, 2001 08:04 PM
that was my mix up on the 377 vs 358 in my earlier post. Isn't a similiar set up to what nascar runs. So they can get under the cubic inch limit, but still rap it out

posted December 15, 2001 02:43 PM
Hot Rod magizine did a article on "The engine Chevrolet should have built" back around 1997.They used a 307 crank and
300-6 cylinder Ford rods and custom pistons.They used aluminum heads and roller cam.
They built it with high compression and used 87 octane fuel cause the long rods are supposed to help prevent detonation.I think it make about 500 horsepower on the 87. A little later they tried the same idea on a Ford but I don't remember how that went.

posted December 15, 2001 05:10 PM
use a 6.125" rod and 377 pistons that are for a 6" rod.

posted January 29, 2002 10:07 PM
Originally posted by Pit Bull:
A buddy of mine just picked up a few chevy small blocks for almost no money, and in the bunch was a 307. I haven't heard much about these motors, but I noticed on further research that they have the same stroke as a 327. Now, here is my thought: What if I put a 307 crank in a 400 block? And then, use a set of 6 in. rods and stock 400 pistons? My thought is that the stroke is 1/2 inch shorter with the new crank, and the 6 inch rods are (almost) 1/2 an inch longer than the stock 5.557 inch rods. The combo would be off approx. .057 of an inch, but some "machine work" to the piston face could cure this. I know I will have to use spacers on the Mains like I would if I built a 377. Has this ever been done? Is this even worth the effort, or will this be a sweet combo? I think the cold weather is getting to season needs to get here quick before I go crazy....

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I do know that a few guys here in OKC run that same combo on a 1/2 mile track in a pro stock, and the will twist the crap out of 8500-9000, and they really FLY!!!

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