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Author Topic:   Chevy Street Stock Short Block
posted September 14, 2001 09:02 AM
I'm building a new 350 Chevy Street Stock motor and am looking for input. In the end, I want an honest 425hp and I want to be able to turn 6500 rpm comfortably. I had my last motor built for me and was kinda unimpressed, so I'm tackling this one myself.
I've assembled street motors before, but all I know about this engine is that I want forged pistons. I have a '69 4-bolt block. What should I use for rods? Do I need a forged crankshaft or can I reuse the stock one? Dependabilty is of foremost importance.

Also, the heads will be cast iron Dart II's with a solid lifter cam. I will probably run out of money before I can port and polish the heads, so they'll be "as-cast". Any advice on a cam selection? The track is 1/4 mile, moderately banked. One set of turns is pretty tight, so I need a good amount of low end to get off those turns. The other set is pretty big (its the dirt Darlington of Illinois). The rmp range will probably be between 4000 and 6500. I know there's a ton of questions here, but I wanted to give all the info in one place. Thanks.

posted September 14, 2001 09:04 PM
What are your track rules as far as motors go? can you deck the block, can the pistons stick out the hole, can you run after market rods, can you run any head/ with any work, and what are the intake rules......what about cam rules, and rocker ratio rules?
Those would be the questions I need answered before I feel anyone can give you a good honest opinion of what to build.

posted October 24, 2001 04:17 PM

Anything short of a roller cam is allowed in the block. No minimum vaccum rule. Heads must be cast iron. I'm still deciding between doing some work on my double humps or buying Sportsman heads. Roller rockers allowed. Single plane intakes are also allowed. I'm looking for advice on where to spend money. I don't want to spend too much unneccesarily in one place and neglect other things.

I currently have a 700 Holley dbl pump, Edlebrock Victor Jr and 1-5/8 headers that I would like to re-use. I also know I want a mechanical lifter cam, other than that I'm pretty open. My plan is to build a strong 360 short block and not go the stroker route. I figure I'll need to turn 6500-6800 rpm on a 1/4 mile track with 6.08 gear.

posted October 24, 2001 05:30 PM
We run close to what Flatlander is specifying, 688 on a .3 mile track. Good all around gear for running up top and through the middle. Topped out at about 6850-6900ish.

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