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Author Topic:   Block Worn out??
posted September 08, 2001 03:04 PM
I am running a 406 small block in a sportsman

The cylinder walls have begun to show some wear. How do I know when the wear is to much and it is time to re block the motor.

We run the motor on alcohol, and do our own engine building (no money)

Also we are currently running a set of 492 off road heads. However I have a set of World S/R tourquer heads. Both need work (springs, seats,guides, etc.)

Where schould I spend my money

Any help would be nice

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posted October 10, 2001 04:20 PM
Thanks for the info WILDphil

We do spend the needed money on our motors for just your reasons.
What amount of taper in a cylinder is to much.
Our block is already bored .030 over, I dont feel comfortable going much more.Thats why i posted the original message. So we can check ours.

Also, on the heads I was wanting an opinion on which set to run.
However this may not be a concern because we looking at getting a set of Iron Eagles

Thanks again

posted October 11, 2001 06:07 PM
Does anyone in here feel it is worth the money to have a whole block sleeved?


posted October 11, 2001 06:17 PM
One sleeve, maybe 2... Not 8..

posted October 12, 2001 08:53 PM
I feel that he could go .060 over if he used 6" rods. My reasons are because he runs alcohol, so it should stay cool, and the 6" rods will reduce some of the stress on the sidewalls. Any body else that has a 400 that needs 2 sleeves or is already .030 and wants to get rid of it give me a holler, I'll run it.

posted October 14, 2001 09:24 PM
The problem with the .060 block is the cylinder pressure. If you ran one of these, make sure the cam is designed to relieve cylinder pressure or your motor will go BOOM!


posted October 16, 2001 06:14 PM
Maybe an engine builder will answer better than I could but I don't know why you couldn't run a motor with 8 sleeves. One thing I can say is that if I had a block that needed 8 sleeves at one time then I would throw it away but if over the years they eventually all get done then I ould thing that it would be OK.

posted October 17, 2001 12:46 PM
I would take your block and bore it to .040 over and run the W/P heads. Boring a 400 to .040 is no problem, however I wouldn't recommend going any further, even with alky.

As for sleeving a block, if you have a good amount of money in it you MIGHT be better off sleeving a cylinder or two. Starting with a block that needs a sleeve is unwise. Sleeves have a tendancy to leak around the "ends" also after a few races they usually end up "dropping a few thousands.

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