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Author Topic:   Ignition timing
posted July 03, 2001 09:39 PM
I am running a comletely stock 1972 350 chevy with a q-jet carb and Hei dist.I am curious as to about how much total advance I can run with out causing proublems.The dist I have is giving me about 34 degrees total advance at 3000 rpms.Is this more advance than most Hei distributers ? I am afraid if I set my base timing at 6 or 10 degrees I will burn valves or worse,since that will give me about40 to 44 degrees at full advance.I am also required to run pump gas in my class.

posted July 04, 2001 06:51 PM
i read an article though that said a sb needs about 25 to 30 degrees at idle to be responsive , maybe not with a stock production engine though.

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