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Author Topic:   spark plug indexing
posted May 14, 2001 02:27 PM
Iv had it smooth engines out, and do nothing for others. It depends on every apect of the engine; heads, pistons, cam, carb.
I do know it helps on the late 80's centerbolt FI heads (1.94 1.60) for the Stocker guys. improved resposiveness big time with no other change. But these heads have a lot of swirl in the head design. They arent used too much because you cant deck the heads that much and have to use domed pistons to get the compression.
A real nice setup for a Stocker engine, where you can run domes and gasket match the heads-intake..

Most agree the gap should face the exhaust valve direction, this shrouds the flame from the intake charge.
Try it. if it does nothing than nothing lost. If it helps you got some cheap power..
Any one else??

Good luck.

posted May 17, 2001 09:45 AM
Thanks widebody , I believe that i will try that .

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