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Author Topic:   6.0 stroker rods
posted February 28, 2001 07:34 PM
I have found that most all of your aftermarket rods are stroker clearanced. I personally don't use nothing but 4340 steel rods. I also have found that I beam rods are lighter than H beams and that H beams claim to be stronger than I beams. I have used both and never had a rod failure.

posted March 01, 2001 09:50 PM
The H beam is stronger, and if you go off gram weight they are much stronger pound for pound..........If you are looking for a good rod to run in a 406 buy yourself a set of Crower sportsmen stroker rods, good for about 550-575 hp and light enough to balance without adding heavy metal to the crank.....
and You can buy them cheap enough.

This is all I run, I've got one set that's 13 years old.......2 years ago I put in new bolts and re-sized 13 years that's all the money I spent on them. I don't put this set in a great motor because they are too old and may break any day, but for as long as they have lasted If I lost a cheap set of heads and a cheap crank kit I won't cry too hard.

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