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Author Topic:   More from a 4412 two barrel
posted February 08, 2001 09:06 PM
Hi RangeRover,
Yes, having done lots of dyno testing with rocker ratio variations, running 1.6's will "fool" a 2bbl motor into thinking it's running a bigger cam than it really is. It does help. 1.6's on the exhaust however, in that same application, do NOT help. There are also many things elsewhere that can be done, not the least of which is in the 4412 itself. Is your carb basically stock or was it built by a carb builder for your application? I don't wanna write out a ton of suggestions if they are "old news" to ya.
Lemme know how I can help. I build fast, winning, and yes, legal carbs from Maine to California, and Canada, too.


posted February 10, 2001 09:47 AM
Our 4412 is bone stock. All we do is run that K+N plastic air horn that fits right on top of the carb, and we stay on top of jetting with sparkplug observations. We ran this engine in an open comp event with a 750 double pumper once and it came to life, so there's no doubt that little two barrel is a major limiter. I've seen advertisements for reworked and improved 4412s, but are they altered so much that they won't look right in tech. I read a Holley bulletin that cautioned about these "magic trix" carb builders, stating that much of what they claim is unecessary. What have you real racers found out?

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