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Author Topic:   Tips
posted October 10, 2000 08:39 PM
Anyone out there have any small racing tips engine or chassis to help someone out a little........I have one:

I use a brake cylinder hone to clean the inside of my slider, easy and affordable.

Anyone else?

posted October 11, 2000 05:09 PM
#1;if you use a stock pan in your hobby motor use a stock volume oil pump DO NOT use a high volume it pumps your pan almost dry thus wearing out the lower end of your motor way too fast
#2;if you need to get the top of your right front tire in farther use the exhaust manifolds from a 305 sbc you can really get that tire in then as those manifolds are on top of the plugs not below

posted October 13, 2000 12:35 PM
I ran a stock pan in my street stock when I first started. I had a 406 in it and ran an extra quart of oil in it so that it would not do what your talking about. I never had a problem with it starving that I saw this way. I wasn't using restrictors in this motor other than roller rockers and I knew that it would throw quite a bit of oil on the top. I ran a 5 quart pan with 6 1/2 quarts of oil in it(and filter). It seemed to work well. I had approximately 25-30 nights on the motor before we took it down...Not much wear at all.


posted October 15, 2000 10:25 AM
I have done the same as Jammin did on my street stock and had no problems eaither..The one thing i did do is move the oil pickup to the right to make sure it got the oil it needed... john

posted October 16, 2000 12:29 AM
I never noticed that it was foaming. It always seemed to look good. I understand what your getting at though.

posted October 16, 2000 09:30 PM
I have never noticed any foaming! The motor seemed to run fine.

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