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Author Topic:   Best bang for the buck.
posted September 29, 2000 06:02 PM
I want to hear everyone's opinion on the best aluminum heads for the dollar on the market right now.....Looking to build a couple of USMTS motors....Anyone got an opinion?

posted September 30, 2000 05:32 PM
brodies with jessels and that aint no bull!

posted October 10, 2000 06:11 PM
Never ran alum. but I also would like to know.What about without shaft rockers?

posted October 11, 2000 05:06 PM
get the 15 degree heads that come from new zealand. you can get them in cast iron or aluminum.

posted October 27, 2000 06:13 PM
Definitely SB2.2 heads !!! These heads are awesome , though a little pricey to convert to . Call Mark at Weld Tech , he will set you up with the best heads on the market .

posted October 29, 2000 10:24 AM
has anyone run the Canfield heads? I looked at the castings, I was inpressed with the workmanship on the runners and the make of the head. I was told that you could make them flow around 320 cfm with a really good port job....anyone had any success with them?

posted October 30, 2000 12:55 PM
Track 1 Brodix. Just take them out of the box and bolt them on. I run them on a 406 with AMRA and run with all the big motors.

Racer 111
posted December 11, 2000 07:29 PM
Stick with the Brodix head.They have some of the best heads + when you sell them everybody knows Brodix.On the Canfield heads my engine man sells alot of them .I havent heard any complaints, there real good for the price.

posted December 11, 2000 08:09 PM
I had a chance to do a side by side comparison of the darts vs canfield and the canfield was MUCH lighter...more machine work had been done to the in the runners had been already machined around the guide....looked really nice and sleek. The darts were really basic looking to me and had very little work done to the inside of the head around the runners and water. I think the Canfield is definitely the better buy between those two. I wonder how it compares to brodix.

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