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Author Topic:   Best Piston Rings for Worn Cylinders?
posted September 17, 2000 10:07 PM
I am being forced into rebuilding last year's hobby stock engine so my team mate can finish the season. The bore is currently at 4.060" with a slight taper, maybe a few thousanths wear. I can feel a ridge. We will have to make due with just a hone job. Is there any ring style that might be better at handling the taper during break-in and subsequent running? I would imagine that the choices are cast iron or moly.



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posted October 20, 2000 03:05 PM
Don't do it. If you are going to put new rings in the motor then you must at least hone them to break the glaze on the cylinder wall. Otherwise you are waising your time. It won't matter what type of rings you are using they will never seal properly if they are not going into honed cylinders.
Hope this helps

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