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Author Topic:   Crusiers on asphalt
posted January 10, 2002 06:09 PM
How many would race on asphalt if given the chance?

I have an asphlat track that I thought about approaching to run out class of vehicles.

I know up in Kentucky at Ownesburg speedway (Darell and Micheal Waltrip along with Chrome dome Mayfield country) they run a modifed cruiser division. Modified in the sense that the driver has control of gas , steering and brake. The passenger has control of the Oh S**T handle. They run anything that will crank up and move.


posted January 11, 2002 08:42 AM
Well I did see one roll the night I was there come to think of it. The track has the pits on the outside and the infield is open. (They run figure eight racing also at the track). They make the cruisers run in and out of the infield on the front and back stretch - kind of like a bow tie - they put an old junk car in the appex of the turns in the infield with a guard rail chained to the side. They also put water down on the main turns on the end and this keeps them slipping and sliding they can't get up much speed.

New Smynra Speedway in Fl has a stock division that is like cruiser with only one driver and they run a cage and harness but stock everything else.

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