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Author Topic:   RULES
posted August 21, 2001 02:10 PM
as far as i know there is no rule here against it if it was stock but it would be kinda hard to run it without killing it all the time with somebody else running the gas and you running the clutch but i guess you could run a aftermarket hydrolic clutch pedal but if you were to get claimed it would have to go with it. some or the tracks around here have gone to full cages and aluminum seat and 5pt belts and yet one track will not allow any more then a single roll bar and some have a minimum or a single bar and kickers but will alow anything in the drivers compartment for safty

Arkie Dirt Racer
posted August 21, 2001 05:14 PM
here at N.C.A. Speedway we can run a manual 3-spd. we don't HAVE to have racing seats, but I have racing seats for the safety and because your @$$ will be hanging half-way off the seat in the turns. lol
we do have to have 5-point harnesses in both seats and window nets are mandatory. Here the cruisers are somewhat dangerous (cause some of the drivers are INSANE) so I got plenty of good safety equipment!

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