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Author Topic:   If'n it aint one thang its...
posted August 26, 2002 10:27 AM
Here is one I found this weekend that I will have to put down on the check list!!
Got to the track and ran the heat -car ran like CRAP! I have been trying so hard to get in the top five this my first year and I am sooo close. Fuel pressure okay - timing okay - ??? Pulled breather off and the secondary needles on the Q-Jet were perched wide open. Had to unscrew them to realign and then finished 2nd in the B main and fourth in the A !!!! I finally did it even against the "cheater" motors.

I would be very interested keeping this thread going with some of these little gotchyas. What do you look for that is kinda odd??

posted August 28, 2002 02:37 PM
Interesting posts guys...
I have now won my first main (in a long time)and I can say it didn't come without a bit of anxious seconds. I had the carb begin to act up with about 7 laps left, after a lap it took off again. the float was just not letting fuel in. cleaned it up and took care of it. But, over the years, I have had many stories like yours, My best advice, keep the vents clean on your Holley carbs.

posted September 23, 2002 12:37 PM
Here is another
Didn't catch this one till I had to pull the engine down AGAIN!

I relied on someone else to put in the freeze pugs on my 350. He just knocked them into the block so that they have the opportunity to rest against the cylinder walls and or move around to block water flow between the cylinders. Man I will let that guy know about that one!! It wasn’t hard at all to pull them out. But he amount of ticked off goes on and on!

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