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Author Topic:   loose loose loose!!
posted July 24, 2002 04:35 PM
Had my first race last Sunday... my car was EXTREMELY loose.

coming out of the turns and even in the straights, it fishtailed back and forth.
Perhaps since it was my first race I need to work on controlling the car because i was out of control out of the turns and half way through the straights.... every time i got on the gas the **** car slipped out from under me.

Can I get some advice? Tire stagger? Driving techniques?

I'm running a v6 with automatic transmission... my buddy mentioned that there is a way i can electrically lock up the torque converter (buic tranny). He said that would help... what do you think?


posted July 24, 2002 05:45 PM
Can you give us any info on the car, like spring rates, weight percentages, stagger, etc... It could be a few different things that are causing the loose condition but some more info we could help you better.


posted July 24, 2002 10:29 PM
to low gear maybe?

posted July 25, 2002 12:01 AM
from your description of it fish tailing that 95% driver there basily your stonmping on the gas and breaking the tires loose. try to ease into the throttle you need to be smooth as posible with all the controls. other than that scoot has a good idea there maybe take some gear out or put taller tires on the rear will slow your wheel speed down a bit maybe keep you from spinning them another little trick we use for lead foots is put some heavy return springs on the throttle to make a little more resinstance so you don't open it up so fast. give it a couple weeks to get the feal for the car then worry about changing stuff

posted July 25, 2002 12:06 AM
i did that my first race too. I would nail the gas coming out of the turns and i'd be all over the place. Just get back in the gas slow.

posted July 25, 2002 12:05 PM
something that helps.....make your gas peddle tension kinda strong. An easy to push peddle makes it hard to control rolling into and out of the throttle. Especially if the track is rough, it's hard to control the throttle. Drive your car like you've got a can of beer on your knee and your trying to balance it. The smoother you go into and out of the turns, the better you're going to do....the same goes with the steering wheel. If you're fighting it back and forth then you're doing something wrong. Every move going in and coming out of each turn should be the same everytime. Get a rhythm and do your best to keep it the whole race. Consistency is the key.

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