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Author Topic:   stalling problem
posted July 17, 2002 04:48 PM
Originally posted by DirtFreak08:
Hey guys, need some help. Just built a new engine and it runs fine. When I shift it into gear tho, it dies. If I shift, then gas it it will stay running but it won't idle in gear. Any help on how to fix this problem is greatly appreciated. I run a 350 motor, bored .060 with a big cam. Tranny is a stock 350 turbo and stock torque converter. Thanks

try a stall speed converter

redneck bubbas racing
posted July 17, 2002 10:28 PM
Hate to tell ya but you answered your own question. The stall convertor willfix your problem but it willnotwork right on the track. On starts and restarts it will be slow, the time it takes for the stall to hit the other cars will already be going. Gonna have to run a standard or get a cam with less duration.

posted July 18, 2002 01:59 PM
Hey guys, I run a 3500 stall and I kick **** on starts and restarts.......I run in the bomber division and run a 355 with a turbo 350 tranny. Don't knock if you ain't tried it. I works great for me.

posted July 18, 2002 06:31 PM
Glad to hear it works for you pappy,I just have never seen it work very well. Vegas came with a higher stall convertor if you can find one.

posted July 21, 2002 09:17 PM
I have a vega converter but it won't fit up to my 350 tranny. I think it will fit a powerglide tho. I don't know what came stock in a vega as far as tranny's.

posted July 24, 2002 06:16 AM
Start by replacing the converter you may have a bad one. next I would not recomend a high stall converter you want to lower stall not raise it, stall in a converter is slippage and it creates heat and you should do everything to eliminate slippage and heat. Also stall is relative to horsepower so if you have more hp than the next guy you will have more slippage than he does.

posted July 24, 2002 10:36 PM
I'm thinking maybe a 1500-1900 stall?? Thanks

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