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Author Topic:   cage mounts?
posted May 28, 2002 06:23 PM
1st you can mount the cage on steel plate with another plate underneath and bolt them together. 2nd weld a steel box big enough over the rocker panel for the cage to sit on then interconnect it through the subframe. 3rd mount cage on 1 3/4 tubing then interconnect through subframe. 4th and my favorite run 2x2x3 square tubing along the inside of the car go through the front firewall and connect into the front subframe in the rear weld a plate where the rear frame rails would be to the floor ( rear kicker ) and weld 2x2x3 to that on the pass. side do the same or you can offset cage by running it straight from the front subframe to the rear kicker if the rules allow. I like the 2x2x3 inside the car because underneath you would have to chop and channel the floor. This way you turn the car into a full frame you might say, plus the car is pretty strong. Good Luck Eddie

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