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Author Topic:   Questions on rear coils-need help
posted March 11, 2002 09:55 AM
i use springs out of a citation work just fine for me if you want to go to a stock metric car then yes go with the wagon on the lr and the stock monte in the rr

posted March 11, 2002 05:53 PM
11 or 12 i think i'll go dig them out and see in the morning i'm running the tru coil springs now so i have them out at our farm shed

posted March 12, 2002 07:28 AM
sideways, see if you can find mercury merkur rear springs, they are ideal and they are progressive rate. the guy who works for me and races street stock here has run them now for 2 yrs and has won alot of races with them i think they are trick! and best of all they didnt cost us a dime we got them from a junk car and figured what the heck, give it a try! of course its a ford! LOL

posted March 13, 2002 01:46 PM
I was told years ago that if you cut a spring that is tall (a station wagon spring) that it makes the spring stiffer. That may not work in your favor if the spring is already stiff because it came out of a wagon.

posted March 16, 2002 02:24 AM
sideways sorry it took so long but they are 14 in free

posted March 27, 2002 04:32 PM
Stock Car Racing's web site has a lot of information on coil spings. If the 81 Monte is like the 83, the rear coils springs free height should be 14.75 (I called my local NAPA store). The load height is 8.5 inches, which I am guessing is the mas height that the coil spring would see in normal resting position. I hope some this info was helpful.

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