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Author Topic:   how much u spend on clamier motors
posted March 09, 2002 05:47 PM
Ok lets be honest how much do we spend on our motors and how much is the claim.I got aroud 500 in mine and the claim is 225. I try to spend money on the things that cant be claimed like rearend tranny ect.Do u think the claim keeps cost down or not

posted March 09, 2002 09:32 PM
I spend about 500 dollars on mine every year. Some of the tracks I run at are 500 dollar claim and no I don't think the claim rule keeps cost down.

posted March 09, 2002 09:49 PM
i spend about 500 on mine too our claim is 200 we usually have 1or 2 claims a year but thats it most of the time a guy just buys it back the next time you are in the claim area so it's kinda pointless

posted March 13, 2002 01:53 PM
Because I live in a town with only 1 really good machine shop, the machine work alone costs 900. I assemble it myself, however, our track doesn't have a claim rule. Let me tell you, some people are spending alot more than me on thier engines. It takes the fun out of it, chasing one car every week.

posted March 15, 2002 12:32 AM
The guys here spend around $5000 on there motors, not claimer though. Mine is going to cost around $3000. They do scat light weight cranks and all that other BS no one can afford in just hobby stock class.

posted March 15, 2002 01:04 AM
51 we only have one machine shop too and it doesn't cost no where near that heck you could get a midwest motorsports short block shipped to you assembles for that much. myself i have the hand tools to do the work myself unless i would ever get it bored and that still will only be around 200 for boring ,cleaning,crack check new cam bearings and soft plugs. i have only sent one motor in there that was for my truck and i still had less than 700 in it after the valve job and turning the crank

posted March 15, 2002 07:25 AM
The claim rule does not work any where most people who claim are mad because they are getting beat I have spent as much as 1500 on a motor it ran great but i have built one as cheep as 350 that ran just as good . Pick and choose your parts carefully . I know some of the people we race spend 2 or 3 thousand on their stuff we out run them it is more important to make the car handle and hook up first , O ya their is also a driver that has to help out to... LOL ...our claim is 450.00 out rite or hundred exchange .

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