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Author Topic:   GM 7.5 vs. 8.5 Comments???
posted January 17, 2002 09:49 PM
Have talked to alot of people replacing stock metric 7.5 housing with 8.5. Bigger, better, stronger... you know the story. But just for some input, i'd thought i'd see what your experiences have been. Worth the effort?? Do they break less axles?? More durable?? YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE!!

posted January 18, 2002 01:17 AM
i ran a 8.5 out of a nova in my metric car i ran a heavy duty axle on the right side never had a problen presonally if i was going to switch i would go to a 12 bolt there is a better choice of gears for those

posted January 18, 2002 07:06 PM
I run a 8.5 10 bolt out of a camaro since 94 and with a 538 and good luck with it... a ford 9inch is the way to go but some places wont let you do

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posted January 18, 2002 07:33 PM
i use a 10 bolt out of a 76 monte in my metric,with a 5.57 and a mini spool.its never missed a lick.dont let anybody fool ya.if you take your time during assembly these gm rears can hold up as well as anything.and they're lighter than a 9 inch ford.just shim it up right and use a good lube and forget about it.

posted January 26, 2002 06:22 AM
i have used 72 buick rearend8.5 in my metric they will bolt right in the axles are flange type they hold up pretty good

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