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Author Topic:   body mounting tips
posted December 29, 2001 07:10 PM
go to
they have stock appearing 81 camaro bodies

posted December 30, 2001 09:33 AM
ok does rules specify stock appearing or does it say must be factory yes performance can supply u but if it says factory u most go with at least the roof and quarter panels i have hung a few camaro bodies and in my own opinion i hang them just like aftermarket bodies we skin the edge of the doors an fenders lips down where they meet grind down smooth and let the meet against one another then we use the famous plastic to pop rivet together looks real nice and does two things u will use a total of about 12 rivets on each mounting point with this u have no need for welding or a torch when replacing doors and fenders plastic of course goes behind these pieces also if u use the early model nose there is a trick to mounting it behind the aluminum bumper so it does get torn up when making contact as easy any other questions email me

posted December 30, 2001 11:10 AM
myself i can't afford to replace body parts when they get banged up so i always weld the doors shut and mud the seams some guys say thats to much weight some say they want to be able to pound out the dents by pullling the panels off myself i want my car to look good and smooth at the start of the year for sponsor pics after that a dent here and there makes it look like a race car lol i also like the fact that when i get in a little wreck my body will not exsplode on impact like all the guys with the removavle parts

posted December 31, 2001 05:40 PM
I'm in the process of doing EXACTLY the same thing! My rules call for a stock floorpan and front firewall. The car was a Malibu...but now I'm putting a Camaro body on it. I started with the roof, then temporarily attached the rear quarters to it with screws. Once I got everything where I wanted it, I made some braces for the quarters. Then I pop rivited them to the braces. I then put the piece that goes below the rear window in and after welding some tabs to the front of it, made a"shelf" which goes forward to the main cage. I installed a rear firewall to the back of the main cage up the same height as that shelf and pop rivited them together. I've been painting a lot of the pieces prior to installing them, so it makes for a slow job...I like having a nice looking car...inside and out! I plan to fabricate the doors and front fenders out of sheetmetal and use a 2002 nose. I saw a Camaro in Alabama done this way and it was awesome!
There's a pic on the classifieds of a super nice camaro...BFE Street Stock I think they call it--one of the nicer ones I've seen.

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