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Author Topic:   Need to loose Front weight
posted December 06, 2001 03:41 AM
If you haven't already, make sure you torch out the door hinge plates in the door post area. Or if the rules will let you, get rid of the entire doorpost/kickpanel.

posted December 06, 2001 08:30 AM
I am in the same boat that Oscar is in. I have gutted the front end and am afraid that when the car goes back to the scales it will still be front heavy. I was thinking that it might be better to add ballast to the rear just to get the proper balance for the car. I am not wild about adding weight to the car anywhere but I figured the benefits of having a balanced car would be better than running one nose heavy. What do you guy`s think?

redneck bubbas racing
posted December 09, 2001 12:31 AM
Even if you are gonna be heavy it helps to have the right weight %'s. I raced a 77 olds cutlass 4 dr. with terrible %'s. I already weighed 3780 but folks kept telling me to put some rear weight in. I was always losing ground on the sloppy heats and running good come feature time. I added 100lbs to the rear and man did it help the sloppy traction. I couldn't hull much anything at all do to the rules and we had a 3400 lb minimum so this hurt me. Add the rear weight and try it, sure helped me.

posted December 09, 2001 09:35 AM
Unless you have **** Tracy for a tech guy, a stock aluminum intake if painted black or chevy orange is very easy to get away with. Also, If you are allowed to run an aftermarket nosepiece you might be able to get rid of that heavy front bumper and just use some sort of tubing set up.

redneck bubbas racing
posted December 09, 2001 10:20 PM
poboy, Do you run the aluminum intake? I have wanted to do this but I hear that they warp very easy. Any truth to this? What about running it at 230 degrees, sometimes I would get that hot(400 with stock old wore out 4 core, with several rows missing due to hasty repairs) Thanks for the help

posted December 10, 2001 07:47 AM
for that extra heavy and woren out look, spray your intake with some wd-40 just before your warm ups. Itll make your engine look like a junk yard special. It washes/wipes off real easy
There are 100's of things to make your super stock engine look not so super.Ive painted bilit aluminum parts with paint just to make it look "slower".
Get creative.

posted December 10, 2001 04:33 PM
As long as that aluminum intake looks almost like a stock one,you mite get away with it,but all the techman really needs to check it is a magnet,I ain't never seen an aluminum magnet!!!

posted January 02, 2002 09:32 AM
somehow this post was the same as the other post I made,noe it ain't,sorry 'bout that!!

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posted January 02, 2002 08:02 PM
one way to take some weight off your car is find some ford fairmont bumpers as they are aluminum and fit nicely and take every piece of metal off under the roof and hood and trunk you can shave 50 pounds off easy oldgold

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