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Author Topic:   Quadrajet or holley 2bbl.
posted September 04, 2001 08:05 PM
I run a holley my self..I know a few guys I run against that ran the rodchester 2bbl with no probs

posted September 05, 2001 07:40 AM
In your application, I'd go with the Holley for several reasons: First, it will be more easily adjustable for you, in the jetting areas, as well as being adabtable to more engine needs without hunting down or making hard-to-find hi-perf internal parts.
Secondly, you are only running a 305ci motor, and depending on track length, car weight, rpm range, etc, your car will feel more responsive with the 4412 than with an untouched stock quadrajet.
This is not to say that a quadrajet can't be set up to work very well for you, but it takes a little more work than it would to set up a 4412 Holley.
Let me know if we can assist you with whatever carb you decide to go with. We'd be glad to help you to the front of the pack.

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