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Author Topic:   radiator
posted August 23, 2001 04:07 PM
hey dude, no a 2 row wont help at all get a four row from an older car or truck. or go to your local rad shop and see if they may have a used one. i am a rad rpairman and if you get one from a wrecking yard make sure it was not setting on a shelf , and make sure if it was on a car it was full of water and antifreeze mix, they will go bad just setting around. they will have corrosion like metal does rust. hope this helps and good luck.

posted August 24, 2001 01:47 AM
yuo could get by with a 3 core but not a 2 i had nothing but troubles lost losts of races with my 2 core in my cruiser car hauled a$$ at first then faded tword the end of the feature .as for a restrictor just take a stock thermostat and gut it so it's just the flat part left that will give you what you want

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