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Author Topic:   new guy on the track southern indaina
posted August 05, 2001 06:36 AM
hi people ! im new here thought i might share my prob and get some answers..
i bought a used car less motor and tranny its a IROCZ style i belive early 90s late 80S any way i have no idea where it can from or what track they raced it at hence my delima i dont know if its legal or not it has no floor board cept on drivers side truck rearend think eight lug
no idea of the gears full cage from front to rear and a fiberglass body looks kinda like a cross between a mod/street/bommer what do i need to do to find out the rear end gears?
also has ten" wide rims with hoosier racing tires looks like who ever built it knew what
the were doing would like to race it in what
you guys call the bommer class ..
there is a local track near buy ive race at before with a buddys car but theve closed down i was also wondering if you have any ideas on replacing the floor pans and rear fire wall think i could pass as a bommer?

posted August 05, 2001 12:00 PM
ok thanks guys nice to have any help i can get

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