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Author Topic:   What's a metric car ?
posted July 31, 2001 12:39 PM
Ok, I've built street rods for years but this is the first bomber I've done. We have a 77 Malibu. Is this a metric car? What is a metric car? Is this a good car for a bomber?
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posted July 31, 2001 01:10 PM
Your right! The malibu is 112". Oh well, the car was free and it's our first attempt at one. I think we'll try it anyway. We lucked out on an engine. We bought a 78 chevy 1/2 ton pickup for $475. It had a 350 4 bolt main engine bored 30 over in it. Looks like it was recently rebuilt. The inside of the engine was clean as a pin. We had a 305 that we are going to put back in the pickup(which was a really nice looking old truck)and sell it to get some money back.
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posted August 01, 2001 03:34 AM
You have a great car. If you are not allowed racing springs find a 3/4 tom truck and take out the front springs. Put one in the pass, side, not the drivers side. In the rear find a wagon with coils and take them out of the wagon. Put one of them in the drivers side rear. Most people cannot see the difference in looks but YOU will feel the difference on the track.

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