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Author Topic:   non metric 10 bolt in a metric car
posted July 30, 2001 01:14 PM
does anyone know how long to cut the upper control arms and where to drill the new holes how far from the front holes do you drill them to mount this in the metric car thanks

posted July 30, 2001 04:26 PM           
What rear are you gonna use? A little more info my help here. What type vehicle is the rear from?

posted July 30, 2001 07:35 PM
it is a 10 bolt with the 8.5 inch ring gear out of a 1976 monte carlo going into a 1982 buick regal

posted July 30, 2001 08:32 PM
i have done this. cut 1.5 inches off and drill the hole about .75 inches in. be sure to weld large washers on the holes drilled to keep the from whallering out. we have done this several times with great succes. i hope this helps.

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