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Author Topic:   by the rules
posted April 30, 2001 01:07 AM

got ?
posted May 01, 2001 04:05 PM
Hey Cobra,I know where you are comin from,this is only my second year and I am not rich.Do what the other fellas have said,learn hoe to drive.It doesn't matter how much power a person has if they can't put it on the ground.Or can't control it.

Pit Bull
posted May 10, 2001 09:11 AM

It's all how you interpret the rules.i.e. my track says no roller rockers...but they say nothing about roller "tip" rockers.See what I mean?

posted May 28, 2001 06:21 PM
it's only cheating if you get caught

posted May 29, 2001 11:53 PM
I've been racing for about 3 yrs,at B-town and I have ran pretty good. The first year I struggled with an old beatup car and old junk motors. I finnaly built a good car and good motor,witch are both 100% legal,its all about getting the car to handle and learning how to drive. You get that down then you can get a better motor. Stay legal

posted June 10, 2001 10:59 PM
After reading all these entries I wonder how the guys that cheat can call themselves good drivers,or have pride in their ability?I am finding out(as this is only my 2nd year)that the most arrogant jrks at the track are illegal.Sooner or later cheaters do get caught.I was feeling the same when I started,how do I compete?But as the expeirence grows so does confidence and ability.My truck is totally legal,2 barrell and all and I'm starting to hang with the big boys(instead of gettin lapped lol).Please keep it legal,if ya got to cheat to win,you don't belong on the track.

posted June 10, 2001 11:03 PM
I totally agree.....

One way to prevent this is to educate the officials in the racing aspect of it. If they dont know, they wont know that it is cheating. I have seen this at several tracks I have run at. My two cents.


posted June 11, 2001 11:38 AM
If the rules dont say it than you can do it
unless it says if the rules dont say it its not legal if the car isn't legal i think you should put it on the trailer the tracks we run i think evry car in the front is cheating if you think that bending the rules is ok its about brains and handleing a good motor helps but you have to have the driving ability to put it on the ground
im not saying cheat to win i am saying bend the rules to win hobby stocker knows what he is talkin bout

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