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Author Topic:   could not believe my eyes
posted March 04, 2001 09:31 PM
MB,JB,BW,GW,MC,AND BC together at the race track.Could this be love????Have old wounds healed????

posted March 05, 2001 06:29 AM
I would say if you had been there,instead of work , you would have seen for your self.I don't know why your LITTLE buddy would worry about that unless he was JEALOUS like sweet ______y.We must not paid him enough attention.

Silver Fox
posted March 05, 2001 10:20 AM
BIG PIMP'N, MB, JB and BW was just helping out a fellow competitor in their time of need. That's the kind of guys they are. Sounds like your little buddy is a feeling little bitter. I can understand if he was though...I would be too if my crew didn't show up at the track to help.

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