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Author Topic:   Tire Rules for Different Tracks?
posted March 18, 2000 09:23 AM
What different tire rules does everyone have at the different tracks?

posted March 26, 2000 08:16 AM
I have two dirt tracks real close to my house. They run an 8" Towel City tire or an 70 series street radial. No bias tires allowed.

posted April 01, 2000 04:57 PM
I run in IMCA and were limited to one of four sizes-205/70 or75 14" or 15" standard dot street tires-no muds,truck,snow, exotic,gumbo
type tires-only passenger car tires.
We can't run mixed sizes of the four they have to all be the same size.

posted April 09, 2000 08:30 PM
I run 3 to 4 diffrent tracks ...the tire rule at one track is no bigger the a 275 series street tire on a 8inch rim an can be no wider then 10 inches..2 to of the tracks i run u can use street or emod tires track at this point is run what u bring.. its a new track and it still learning on how to run the program lol...

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