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Author Topic:   Crome Molley Chassis?????????????
posted January 25, 2001 03:26 PM
I really don't think the chromium and the moly added to the carbon to create whatever
grade of Cr/Mo the car is made of has anything to do with how the car works. this alloy is very crack sensitive and requires special welding welding procedurse.
A lot of race cars use
Cr/Mo tubing because of its higher tensile
strength to get away with running thinner wall tubing. I don't know the grade of Cr/Mo
they use but I guess it can't be too much
alloying elements because the higher you get
with the chromium the only way to prevent weld cracking is by post weld heat treatment.
If you P.W.H.T A chassis at about 1300 degress it would twist like a pretzel.

posted January 25, 2001 08:52 PM
I have ran 7 moly cars.Moly is more reliable than steel.There must be something your over looking on the car,shocks ball joints,a frame bushings,something like that.

posted January 25, 2001 10:43 PM
WE have a 98 GRT cromemolly chassis and it has held up fine. we have taken a few hits on it but nothing that has bent anytihing other than bumpers. Its about 40pounds or so lighter as well. We havent found anything wrong with ever either other than finding binds in something or bent stuff or like that. We only have roughly 53 nights on the car over the 3 years though. We have a new GRT coming and are still going to run the old one as well, although the new one isnt chromemolly. i agree with some of the other posts that maybe you are missing something. We have missd stuff now and again, nothing to be ashamed of, as everyone does.

posted January 26, 2001 02:51 AM
I've been running the same chassis for the last few years and have had good success with it. If you have any questions or want to swap notes get in touch with me or catch me on icq late at night sometime.

posted January 26, 2001 03:22 PM
We always after every race check the car over.Their was only one time when the car was hurt badly and it bent the right front frame horn but we took it back to the chassis builder and got that fixed.We only race one night a week!!

posted January 26, 2001 08:18 PM
It sounds like your car is ok, I am trying to DELICATELY say that perhaps their is a lack of communication between the chassis person and driver. It is certainly hard to explain what happens in a race car to somebody that doesnt drive a car himself... I drive and setup my own car so I KNOW what the car is doing and needs. However my dad who helps me alot with the car is always there to keep me on my game... A lot has to do with making a car consistant lap after lap. Along with this comes the fact that the DRIVER has to be consistant. I know it is hard thing to do. I have a heck of a time staying focused while im on the track. Usually seems like just when I get a rythem going BANG caution comes out, or the race is But really...If YOU are the driver or if you know him, get together and talk through what the car FEELS like its doing. ENCOURAGE him and at the same time REMIND him of what he is out there to do, and that is make smoothe consistant laps around the track and FINISH better than he started...This is what my dad always tells me before I go onto the track...Beleive me I usually get an earfull after the race if I dont accomplish what I went out there for...

p.s. Please dont think that im just saying that you need a driver for your car. Im just saying to use good communication. After you have ruled out all other possibilities...

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