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Author Topic:   push bar
posted January 19, 2001 09:23 PM
have seen push bars used on several different cars, the problem with them is usually with packaging, the fuel cell etc usually interfere unless the car was specifically designed to run the push bar setup. The advantage to the system is ease of changes, being higher and closer to the rear of the car make changes easier, plus the fact that the springs are easier to change than than typical pull-bar. as far as installed angles and lengths, it depends on the rest of the suspention geometry and desired handling results. I have never personally developed this concept but as a general rule the bar should be angled up towads the back and length close to the same as would be used with a standard pull-bar. All the same geometric principles applies to the torque-link reguardless of location. I have seen cars use solid-bars,rubber bisquit, and spring type.

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