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Author Topic:   Panhard bar ?'s
posted January 17, 2001 02:38 PM
I need to build a panhard bar for my car right now and I was wondering what diameter and thickness they are when bought from a company. Are they made out of Mild steel or Cromoly? Also, my bar will be about 38 inches long, and many people say that that is too long, what are some of your thoughts? What do the different lengths affect?

posted January 17, 2001 04:02 PM
My panhard bar is 34 inches long and is 4 years old with no problems.It is made from alumiun and uses 3/4 dia. heim joints

posted January 17, 2001 07:07 PM
It,s best not to use a chrome/moly alloy if
you are not familiar with welding alloys and
the filler material required to weld these
alloys together. Most chrome moly alloys are
crack sensitive and requires special post
welding heat treatments to prevent cracking
and aluminium is lighter.

Artie Perilloux

posted January 17, 2001 11:15 PM
AFCO says that a good rule of thumb is to keep the panhard bars hieght difference to with in 10% of the length. I hope this helps to give you an idea of how long to make the bar EXP: if your going to have 2" hieght differnce then the bar should be 20" long. So AFCO says.

posted January 18, 2001 09:20 PM
I think the longest swedge tube that AFCO has with 3/4 ends is 37 inches long. I bought a longer on from Motorstate. The tube diameter is a little larger because of the added length but it still uses 3/4 rod ends. Aluminum is not legal in UMP or IMCA.

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