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Author Topic:   Upper Control Arm Mount
posted January 13, 2001 07:49 AM
My upper control arm mounts are curently running parallel to the centerline of the car
with 1 1/4" offset arms. Does this serve the
same purpose as installing the mounts for the
uppers on the same angle as the lowers. I have to change one mount cuz it's bent. Mean while I am going to measure the arcs that the
uppers and lowers travel in to see the amount
of caster gain or loss. What are yall thoughts.

posted January 13, 2001 08:19 AM
I'm sure that there are severl opinions on this but I installed both of my upper mount at the same angles as the lowers. I tacked by brackts in place and checked camber and caster at ride height and at 3 inches of compression and rebound. When they are the same then the brackets are at the same angle as the lowers. I can't tell you about adding anti dive or not that is something that will get a lot of different opinions.

posted January 13, 2001 08:39 AM
Exactly how I would do it. The car I have was
obtained in a trade and I have what I have.
I have the RF bracket cut off and the LF is
still on mounted parallel to the centerline.
I will do some measuring today to find out
if the offset arm gives the same effect and
will post what I find. Installing the bracket
parallel to the centerline is easier and might be the trick of the week???

Artie Perilloux

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