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Author Topic:   Adjustable upper A-arm reliability
posted January 01, 2001 12:36 AM
I've never broke a tube style aftermarket upper A-arm, I've bent a few, but I'm thinking of changing to the adjustable style. They sure do look handy for quick adjustments but how do they stand up in the modified battlefield?

posted January 01, 2001 01:34 AM
roadhzrd, This is all we run on our modified. They are a lot cheaper in the long run because you only have to buy what you bend..........usually one tube or hiem.
I have broken a few tubes over the years. The pro's of running these are cheaper, easy adjustment, time of repairs are a lot less. We don't run any cross shaft in our's.
The down side is if you race for points, and get into something and break a tube you are usually done for that race......I have broke 4 tubes in the last 3 years.........2 times I stayed out because I broke the rear tube of the left upper so the ball joint leaned against the shock and I battled on to the end. Other 2 times we in crashes hard enough to end the night for any upper A-frame.
We don't race for points so this is what we run, if we ran for points I might not run them.
The force it takes to break a tube or bend some thing is about the same force as it would take to twist a standard tube type upper with a cross shaft........Jeff

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posted January 01, 2001 06:59 AM
The tubes hold up as well as one piece uppers. Yet you have more shock clearance, and they are so much easier to adjust! Just make sure the heim-end mounting bolts stay tight.

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