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Author Topic:   Question
posted December 30, 2000 02:18 PM
Do you want a electric one or a hydrolic? harbor freight makes a hyd. that does pretty good for minor work. like nerf bars and bumpers. and it is about $ 90.00.matter of fact i built a roll cage for a pinto with mine. It's not as fast as a elect. but it was a $1000.00

posted December 31, 2000 11:47 AM
I have a hossfeld (spell) this is what most chassis builders around here use, The manual one cost around $700 with one set of dies. I got a used ram from a fork-lift company for $25 then bought the hydraulics for a pickup truck plow, this is 12 volt pump. bolted the bender on a cart on wheels and put the pump and battery on a shelf under the bender......this set-up works great for any thing you will build. my total cost was less then a grand for this whole set-up with one set of dies. the dies are the most expensive part of ANY bender, mine are about $300 per set............look around at racers auctions on the net. I've seen used ones cheap enough.
No matter who's bender you buy spend the extra money and get a tubing bender, NOT A PIPE BENDER........pipe benders are fine for bumper and nerfs but you said you plan on trying a car some day..........pipe benders are two die benders and flatten the tubing at the apex of the bend, this will make any cage very unsafe. And we have all see cars like this at our tracks.........If you only planned on building bumpers and nerfs a pipe bender is fine for the money, but not a cage.

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