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Author Topic:   Push Bar
posted December 08, 2000 10:24 PM
Next season we will be experimenting with a push bar (Rear mounted rod) three link long radius rod car. Does anyone have any opinions on the push bar theory? I'd like to hear from someone that has or does run one. I feel the angle of this bar will greatly effect the lever effect created when the rotation of the rear end tries to overcome the rear weight of the car created by the lifting motion. Any comments?

posted December 09, 2000 05:31 PM
hmmm....what kind of angles, mounts and lengths are we talking about? I am curious......

posted December 13, 2000 08:52 AM
i know d&m has been using alot of them as far as setup the same priciples apply as when setup as a pull bar, i reccommend to layout your rear suspension on paper to figure mounting location and angle to acheive the amount of anti-squat your looking for. Its hard to guess with out knowing the exact suspension setup and exactly what goals your triing to acheive or what problems your triin to overcome from a previous setup. Like i said i know D&M has been putting them on cars and they might be a good source for information.

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