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Author Topic:   three link parts
posted December 08, 2000 04:06 PM
I'm designing some of the trailing arm mounts for my rear end and I was wondering what the distance from the centerline of the hole for the rod-end bolt to the bottom of the axle tube usually is. I believe it is three inches on the mounts I can buy from speedway and other places. Also, are the trailing arm rod-ends 5/8 inch along with 3/4 inch for the panhard bar? Finally, how far away should the shock shaft be away from the axle tube when the pinion angle is set? Any info is greatly appreciated,


posted December 08, 2000 10:08 PM
Powercar, There are many mounting points that work the same. By this I mean they will have the same effect. It's the angle of the arm that is most important. The angle is what controls anti-squat, braking forces, and a few other motions. It's also important to know if this is a 3link set-up, or some other rear design. What else can you tell me that can help give you the proper answer to the question you asked?
As for your question about the rod ends, I guess you are talking about a rod end that has a 5/8 shank with a 3/4 hole..........If that is what you are talking about the answer is NO......most people run 3/4 inch rod ends.......hole and shank. they are much stronger and cheaper.
Now for shock mounts, the center of the shaft should be at least 1 1/2 inches from anything. This way when the shock compresses the body of the shock will be 1/2inch away from the rear end tube. This assumes you run a 2inch body shock. And also assumes you mount perfectly vertical. The thing I see guy's do all the time when welding in their own shock mounts is to mount them as close to the wheel as they can, because this is what they have read in a book. Then on the top mount they weld the mount inside the frame some where. NOW THE TOPS OF THE SHOCKS ARE TIPPED TO THE CENTER OF THE CAR. Well as the frame goes down in bump the angle of the shock changes.......ALOT The shocks might have been 3/4inch away from the mid-rail at ride height, now in travel the shocks will hit the frame and bend. I have moved many shock mounts for people trying to save a few bucks, only to cost themselves 2-3 shocks before asking for help...........
If they are at any angle they will need more clearance from side to side, front to rear is not the problem area........
ps. sorry about not looking at the head-line "three link parts" that's my fault for asking questions like that(dumb). All we would need to know is the lengths of the arms, the length of the top link, the mounting point of the top link above the center line of the rear end housing. and the angle of the top link.........SORRY AGAIN FOR NOT READING THE HEADING.

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