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Author Topic:   Quick Changes
Western PA MOD GUY
posted December 04, 2000 11:05 PM
Steel tube quick changes, and similar suspension rules as to what we now have, would save most of us lots of time and money. At my age I cant hardly get a 9" pig up into the housing! And we wouldnt all stink like gear lube after the races!

Racer 111
posted December 05, 2000 07:28 PM
Quick changes would be alot cheaper.The rearend itself cost about the same.But QC gears cost $50.00,a complete 9 inch around $300 at least.Than times it 6 maybe 7 times for a varity of gears.There's a big difference in cost.Plus anybody can retube a QC.

Hammer 1
posted December 06, 2000 07:32 PM
Up side- sure would be a breeze changing gears from one track to another

Down side-what am I going do do with a really nice 9" and a bunch of gear sets? Can any one say really expensive boat anchor?

posted December 06, 2000 10:00 PM
That's the problem. Not every area has the same classes or rules. Around here there is no other division that allows the 9". Either you run a QC or a stock rear. Thank God UMP has allowed us to run the Bert/Brinn/Winters trans. I feel for all you guys who have to run a clutch setup. I picked up a used Brinn for under 500 bucks. You'd be hard pressed to get a whole clutch setup for that.

posted December 08, 2000 10:47 PM
Quick changes are a great idea, one that should have been allowed years ago! Any sanctioning body that says they are saving us money is crazy! With the inception of new modified weight rules it is easy to fit a Quick change into the system. Require steel tubes and any brake/rotor/caliper combination the series wants. Solid or drilled axles. We ran quick changes in both our sprint car and Hooters cup car (live alum. axles vs steel tube) the gears interchange and the costs are easily 8 times less for gears. The average racer needs at least six sets of gears to run 1/4- 1/2 mile tracks with various differences in traction based on configuration and preparation. So do the math 6x $400= 2,400 and 6x50=300 2400-300= 2100 you can buy a spare rear end and six extra sets of gears for what you have invested in 9inch gears alone not to mention the housing. By the way some hubs will interchange to a Quick change and as we know these are the expensive parts. Lets call for a change a Quick Change!

posted December 09, 2000 07:41 AM
OKAY, let me see if I can help all you people out here. This modified class was to be a cheap class, and back in the day when a person built most of the parts him self they were cheap and easy to run. You changed tires to change the final gear ratio. You also ran stock gears through 2nd gear......this was cheap and easy. and then you build the rear end in your own shop for around $200...........YES I KNOW THESE ARE NOT THE OLD DAYS.
If they were we would all race for $500 to win in $1000 cars.............the way the rules are today you need a $20,000 investment to race for $400 to win. They don't need to let quick change rear ends in this class unless they open all the rules, unless they have two modified class......OPEN MODS, AND LET'S SAY WORKING MAN MODS
The way things are, I too wish these sanctioning bodies would crap or get off the pot. I too believe they should let quick change rear ends in this class, then we could farther seperate the haves and have-not's...........then their would be enough guys around with cars to start this class all over again. With the words stock rear....
that to me says NO AFCO, OR AFTER MARKET REAR..........we could do the same with the tranny. Motor rule could be 350cid, flat top pistons, 2 barrel carb........anyone caught buy parts out of catalog would be gone to move up to the open class............And yes I know this would never work, racers today can't weld. And the parts makers would need to find a different line of work........
And before you start tearing me to pieces look back to Western PA Mod Guy......the one that started this thread.........he asked what MY thoughts were...............JEFF

posted December 09, 2000 09:33 AM
Jeff made some very valid points. Yes a quick change would make gear changes quicker and easier, but as Jeff said this class says STOCK REARs, not any thing else.

With the cost of racing now and with the amount of tracks going under because of not only their expense but the cost of purses and lack of fans,would it not be better for us to find a cheaper way of doing things instead of seeing just how much we can spend on a race car and equipment.Just think how many 9in rears you could set up for the cost difference between an open 18ft and closed 40ft trailer.

Racer 111
posted December 09, 2000 06:26 PM
I will agree with the above somewhat.However stock axles are not safe.Housings are a pain to find with the junkyards smashing everything nowdays.I ran stock rearends years ago nothing but a pain in the butt.QC are cheaper to run in the long run.I have passed up endless used ones cheap !I agree the way to save a racer money is not with claim rules.Its been proven it doesnt work.Put cubic inch on engines like 362 with a 350 block only,compression limits,and the carb idea might not be bad either but you know somebody would figure out a exspensive carb.But rules are as good as they are inforced.

Hammer 1
posted December 10, 2000 12:12 PM
My 2 cents is that IF the sanctioning bodies continue to try to keep the rules from changing to much, and IF the tracks enforce the given rules we will be money ahead in the long run. How many times have you seen a track introduce a "new" stock division and before long, due to racers constant carping about the need for this or that part the race track caves and the division evolves into cars that look like late models. For good or bad racers are their own worst enemy. The way I see it is that these are modifieds. Each of us that got into this division knew the rules and built a car accordingly. They are not late models on 8" tires. If you want to run a late model,build one. There is a class in this area called Super Sportsman. They closely resemble a sprint car and run 358 carb motors. The rules have remained virtually unchanged over the years and each week they get between 50 to 60 cars. Due to the large car count the promoter pays real good money and packs the stands. Everybody wins. The added bonus of constant rules and strict enforcement is that 7 and 8 year old cars can and still do win races.

posted December 10, 2000 04:32 PM
Hammer, I agree with you on this subject.
Every time the rules change it cost us all a lot of money. How did you become so smart?
I'm sure you don't own a car........LOL

posted December 12, 2000 12:30 AM
just some food for thought for those who think the guys with the quick changes will have a big advantage. the track champ at our local tar track put his car on a chassis dyno when he made the move from super stocks to limited lates( actually the track dropped a class and combined the two sets of rules> can you say " spend a bunch of money?") anyway, with the same motor, around 525 hp, he had 16 hp LESS at the rear wheels with the quick change over the 9 in. so for the low buck racers who only run one track you don't have to fear the guys who come in with the quick changes. so dont think you only have to spend more money. now if your building new then consider the quickchange because outright its going to be cheaper............ but then if everybody goes to quickchanges and there's less demand for 9 inchers maybe they'll get cheaper??? or maybe the cost of quickchanges will go up???? maybe as racers we just can win! just my 2 cents john

ps. yes i am a racer (since 1974) and i am about the cheapest SOB you'll ever meet... go quickchange!!!


Hammer 1
posted December 12, 2000 06:13 PM
It's not that I'm against QC's. Actually it would make my life a whole lot easier. What I'm afraid of is what's the end game. Yesterday it was Bert/Brinn transmissions(which I run.) Now it's QC's which I could live with. I've taken the UMP pole as to legalize coilovers and ditch the eliminators and I can look into the future and see that before long the racer's will lobby for tube frames because stock frames are too hard to find. Where does it all end??? Late models on 8" tires paying $350 to win.

posted December 12, 2000 09:56 PM
I like where this is all 5-7 years we will have 2 classes of Modified cars
Small block east coast mods
Big block east coast mods
My point is they already have a class of mods that run quick change rears........all you need to do is move there to race. Don't ruin the class at your home track.

posted December 12, 2000 10:59 PM

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