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Author Topic:   Chassis Rake
Dan 21
posted November 26, 2000 02:35 PM

Can anyone explain what effects it will make on handeling if you are running two inches of chassis rake and change it too one inch? After changing rake lower trailing arms and pull bar will be reset too original settings so rake will be the only effective change. Thank's DR21


Dan 21

posted November 30, 2000 12:07 PM
The main change you will feel is the CG height will be lower and the car may not roll as much. Don't forget to reset the panhard bar height on the frame. The car will lose a little bit of the antidive in the front, you probably won't notice it though.
The acceleration forces are now being applied higher in relation to the CG so the car might hook a little better under power.

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Racer 111
posted December 02, 2000 09:23 PM
Run your rake at no more than 1/2 inch front to back and side to side.Back and right side being higher.If you get to much rake your car cant transfer weight.The faster you transfer the weight the better off the corner you will get.On dry tracks try some split ratio shocks.

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