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Author Topic:   Engine choice in emod
posted November 20, 2000 10:01 PM
this will be my first year in mods coming from limited lates using 10 inch tires, so my question is I have a choice between a solid cammed 355 dyno's at 500 hp or a 406
roller motor dynoing at 630 hp wich would be better in an emod with the small tires in your opinion ? Thanks for the advice.

posted November 21, 2000 06:28 AM
if the track is tacky all nite including the feature go with the 406, but if you are going to be racing the car on tracks that are slick most of the time go with the 355. the little tires can only take so much.

posted November 21, 2000 08:38 PM
Thanks for the help.

posted November 22, 2000 02:26 AM
I seem to do better with the bigger motor on a slick track. My backup motor is a 355 and it seems to spool up quicker so I can't feel the bite as well. I like the broader torque band of the 400 because I can feather the pedal easier.

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